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About Us

How do you select a vendor half way around the world, and how do you really know they can do the job? You could spend a few weeks traveling around a country after you’ve scoured the Internet to find English language versions of websites. You could also arrange for conference calls yourself. 


You could simply hire APAC Technology. We already have in place a network of technical service vendors that we have met with in-country, and evaluated the quality of their technical staff. All you need to do is tell us what you need and when, and we make all the arrangements. 

We facilitate the installation and on-demand support of network cabling, telecommunications, and IT infrastructure for US companies expanding into China, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries in the Pacific rim. 

Why Us?

01 / Two Languages

It's challenging enough to troubleshoot a cabling or equipment fault, but add to that the variable of doing it in two languages. We provide English speaking technical resources in-country.

02 / Quality Control

APAC delivers clear implementation plan, realistic time estimates, on-time arrival of a resource with the right skill set, clear communication with your own technical assets, adherence to deadlines, and a single point of accountability for your IT projects in China, Singapore, Hong Kong and surrounding countries.

03 / In-Country Logistics

We can facilitate the ordering of telecommunications services from in-country providers, or work with customs officials on the delivery of your shipped equipment.

04 / Experience

Our staff in the US has Mandarin speakers who also have twenty years of handling network technical services - Cisco, Microsoft, cabling.


Demarcation extensions in various facilities

  • extending cable from demarcation to office data room
  • pulling fibers and polishing connectors
  • end to end certification by Fluke
  • cooperate with providers to finish last mile installation
  • circuits turn up and testing

Installing WAPs for large technology retail stores

  • pre-installation site survey
  • design validation, AP on stick site survey
  • pull cables per BCSI standard
  • Fluke all cables, end to end
  • install AP per customer request
  • post installation site survey and coverage validation

LAN/WAN Infrastructure Upgrade

  • large scale wi-fi infrastructure upgrade, adding cables/swapping old AP
  • IP phobe upgrade
  • rack swap and LAN upgrade
  • add/remove network drops

Security Cameras and People Counters

  •  upgrade traditional camera to IP based camera
  • install entire security monitoring system
  • work with end customer to fine-tune focus and angles
  • procure and install KVM system
  • install and adjust traffic counter
  • work with remote support to activate traffic counters


Local Billing

APAC has local entity in China. We issue Fapiao directly to end customers. All VAT is recoverable in country and all transactions are in CNY​

Shanghai APAC Technology

200940 Suite 402 Building 89 Haibinxincun, Baoshan District, Shangha


Elsewhere, APAC will bill through offices in the United States, using whatever currency is most efficient for the work on hand. 

 APAC Technology

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Loveland, OH 45140 

Contact Us


TEL (CHN): +86 150 5715 6819

TEL (USA): +1  513 708 8019